Rail Vehicle Construction

Construction of specialized rail vehicles, such as grinding and measuring trains or track work vehicles.


Rail vehicle construction with know-how

We have extensive knowledge in the development, design, manufacturing and approval process of rail vehicles - also as a complete package. We help customers in the fields of railway transport, rail construction and rail maintenance with all their vehicle technology questions, right up to the development of specialized technical solutions.


We construct specialized rail vehicles for you, including:


Track work vehicles


Maintenance vehicles for overhead lines


Specialized trailers


Specialized vehicles such as rail milling machines and measuring vehicles


Customer-specific solutions

We use customer input to develop design concepts, unique solutions and specialized constructions specifically tailored to customer requirements. We also specialize in system integration. 

The assembly, static commissioning and procurement of subassemblies for rail vehicles for overhead line and railway maintenance is carried out according to customer requirements.



We are actively working on solutions that contribute to climate protection. Vehicles produced by GBM contribute to achieving climate and energy policy goals through modern technical solutions.

This includes measures such as retrofitting existing fleets with soot particle filter systems and the implementation of comprehensive energy saving strategies. In the future, we will strive to implement climate-neutral drivetrains powered by carbon-free energy sources.


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Birgit Zausch

Head of Marketing and Sales

GBM Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg/H. GmbH