Mission and vision

We are making an important contribution to the transport transition and climate protection.


We are making a contribution to the transport turnaround

As part of the rail industry, we play an important role in revitalizing the transportation sector of Germany and Europe. We actively incorporate climate-friendly solutions for our customers, and the vehicles produced by GBM contribute to climate and energy policy goals through their modern technical solutions.

Some examples include retrofitting the exhaust systems of existing vehicles with soot particle filters, and the implementation of comprehensive energy saving systems. In the future, we will focus on climate-neutral drivetrain concepts powered by carbon-free energy sources.


We find tailored solutions for our customers

We offer our customers individual solutions specifically tailored to their unique rail vehicle requirements in order to deliver the most-suitable and highest-quality rail vehicle for the intended service. We offer the suitable solutions in the areas of vehicle construction, maintenance, modernization and with our mobile service team.


We are a team

Every GBM employee plays a role in revitalizing the transportation sector and protecting the environment.

Teamwork plays a key role in our organisation. Through mutual support and constructive feedback, we are able to achieve our goals as a team and optimise our work process. Nevertheless, the actions of each individual employee are what allows us to meet our deadlines and deliver a top quality product - two traits that GBM Gleisbaumechanik is known for among its customers throughout Europe.

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