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GBM commissioned with new production of additional trolley cars

Follow-up order from Hamburger Hochbahn AG

In the summer of 2021, Hamburger Hochbahn AG placed an order with GBM Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg/Havel GmbH for the new production of three additional trolley cars.

The trailer-type LB7 trolleybus, so far only in operation in Hamburg, is a vehicle for transporting general cargo and machinery. 

The vehicles, which were already manufactured in 2017/18 and have proven themselves in service, will undergo further development measures and be handed over to Hamburger Hochbahn AG ready for use by the end of 2022. This increases the LB7 fleet of Hamburger Hochbahn AG to 9 vehicles of this type from Kirchmöser, the headquarters of GBM Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg/Havel GmbH.



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Latest modification: 20.11.2021