Modernisation and Conversion





Economic deliberations play an increasing role in most companies. This is a decisive factor regarding the continuing operation and/or acquisition  of second-hand vehicles. Therefore, the vehicles have to be made fit for further use.

Gleisbaumechanik has adjusted with its scope of performances to these conditions.  The following performances are realized functionally, safely and efficiently:

  • Renovation of old but serviceable vehicles, e.g. fitting out with new power units, gears and lifting equipment, installation of additional equipment closely linked to the purpose of use, refitting with air-conditioning systems and soot particle filters etc.
  • Extension of use of special-purpose track vehicles
  • Necessary rework on the donor vehicle
  • Modernization  of the vehicle control systems, adaptation of the vehicles workspaces, new vehicle outfit etc.
  • Adaptation to altered conditions
  • Modifications of the technical equipment or of the clearance profile, up to obtaining approval of foreign authorities
  • Conversion of freight wagons (e.g. conversion of freight wagons to wagons for the transport of sleepers or track)
  • Retrofitting with safety technology (for examples Automatic train control, GPS, train radio, fire detection systems)

The offered performances increase the efficiency and the safety of the vehicles and, at the same time, improve the comfort and increase the personnels motivation.

Latest modification: 18.02.2016