Maintenance and Service





Maintenance - for a long operational safety of vehicles of all producers

Service - around the clock - at your service - flexible and reliable

The range of performances comprises maintenance and repair work in the plant, in situ or on the premises of the customer, via repairs on demand, measuring, disturbance-free inspections up to acceptance tests.

The performances include repair of bodies and superstructures, brakes, travelling and working drives , chassis and wheel sets, cranes and lifting platforms as well as colouring and interior refurbishing.

Experienced, flexible personnel, an excellent know-how as well as
the necessary technical preconditions like a surface treatment plant, fabrication halls with track lengths of more than 120 m etc. are at customer's disposal. Testing equipment as to safety-relevant aspects are available (e.g. a raised track for carrying out tipping tests).

Furthermore, Gleisbaumechanik with its specialists and a fleet of state-of-the-art equipped vehicles guarantees a 24-hours service enabling a swift readiness and availability.

It goes without saying that Gleisbaumechanik also has the necessary certificates, approvals and proofs that put them in the best position to comply with customers wishes.